NYX Highlight/Contour Pro Palette


NYX Highlight/Contour Pro Palette 

Is a new refillable highlighting and contour palette that includes eight shades of customizable highlighting and contouring shades. Enhance your cheekbones,nose, and jawline with eight different shades that are all removable and refillable so you can customize your palette anyway you want!



  • Pearly Pale White
  • Matte Nude
  • Matte Soft Yellow
  • Pearly Soft Peach
  • Matte Soft Brown with Slight red Undertone
  • Matte Neutral Brown
  • Matte Taupe
  • Matte Deep Brown

On the back of the packaging, there is a really handy guide to highlighting and contouring. It tells you exactly where you can apply the shades and how to achieve the famously highlighting and sculpted look that many celebrities rock today. There are 4 highlighting shades and 4 contour shades in the palette. Every single pan pops up and out of the palette, as well. I think everything about this palette is brilliant the price,the shades, the pan sizes, and the replaceable pans.


Hope this help everyone out. The palette is for a good price too. $30.00 If you have any questions please leave a comment down below:)


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