DIY Washi Tape Projects for back to school:)


1. No more boring pencils! Tweens will love creating designer pencils by covering them with brightly coloured washi tape

2. The sky’s the limit for decorating school notebooks  and binders with washi tape. Tweens can get creative with fun patterns, colours and designs that will make doing schoolwork a little more bearable

3. Even the most mundane school supply looks better when covered with some brightly patterned washi tape. I want to make some of these fun binder clips for myself:

4. Does your tween have their own iPod, cell phone or other electronic device? Help them keep track of their charging cords by covering the ends with washi tape

5. Washi tape can be used to jazz up just about any school or office supply. It’s a great way for your kids to easily tell school supplies like their rulers, pens and folders apart from their friends’ similar items

6. Having a well stocked and organized spot to work on homework and school projects can help kids be much more productive. Create attractive storage containers by covering empty tin cans with washi tape to create an inexpensive homework centre

7. Tweens with their own laptops or desktop computers may be interested in brightening it up bycovering the keys on the keyboard with washi tape. Tip: Choose lighter colours of tape with less busy patterns to help see the letters through the tape.

8. These DIY washi tape magnets would be great for tweens to use in their school lockers, or for hanging important reminders up on the fridge at home. You can even cut up some old magnets you have around the house, if you don’t want to go out and buy the magnetic strips.

9. If your tween will have their own locker at school, they can make a variety of inexpensive locker decorations such as white boards, picture frames, and pen holders with items from the dollar store and some washi tape:

10. Speaking of lockers, because washi tape comes off so easily, it’s perfect to use for decorating the doors of school lockers. Check out how Jennifer from Rambling Renovators used washi tape as an easy-to-remove wallpaper on a school locker recently

I hope this helped anyone that’s going back to school. Have any questions leave a comment down below.

2013 Shay Cochrane
2013 Shay Cochrane

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