How to Rock A Dark Lip For the Fall


MDC Quick Tips for Dark Lips

1. Exfoliate your lips for a smooth application. Dark lipstick is not so forgiving when it comes to chapped lips.
2. Pair substantial lips with fall textured clothing and colors.
3. Line your lips with a similar color first to prevent bleeding.
4. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush for clear and defined lines.
5. When wearing really dark lipstick, the rest of your makeup should be minimal.


Even it up:  “There are a lot of great lip exfoliators out there, like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. If you feel like you have really flaky lips, I would try to gently exfoliate them, but if it doesn’t work the day you want to rock your dark lip, it’s okay: go with a glossy dark lip color. It will hide some of that flakiness.”

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De-fuzz your top lip: “You should also make sure that there’s no hair on your upper lip. You have no idea what attention – and the wrong kind of attention – that dark shadow brings to your mouth. Also, if the lip color catches any of those little, tiny hairs? Forget it, the look is just not good. They look like levitating dots. So wrong.”

Start with good base-ics: “The best way to prepare your lips for wearing a dark color is to keep them in great shape, which means keeping them moisturized. A great lip balm is essential, but try to get one that’s not too glossy because if you use it as a base under the lip color, it’ll sheer the color out or cause it to slip past the lip line., Go for balms that are more matte, like Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. I use that a lot to prep the lip for dark color; the matte finish is perfect.”

Go for glowing skin:  “You also have to spend a minute to perfect your skin, which is something a lot of people tend to forget. If your dark lips are competing against blotchiness or redness on the chin or nose, it just doesn’t look as fresh.  Look for a good BB or CC cream (I used a lot of Stila CC Color Correcting Cream with SPF 20backstage) or tinted moisturizer that will help you achieve a glowing, even complexion. It will help the dark lip stand out as bolder, cleaner and with more impact.

Read more:

The website s there if you girls want more information.

A dark lip i think it looks good on any skin tone. If you got the right outfit and attitude you can rock it. That is my opinion, everyone is different. But since is fall coming up it’s time to bring back the dark colors:) If you have any questions leave a comment down below:)



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