Re-making a look:)


2015-09-20 00.09.27_zpsjrn5gnyg

If you look at the first picture its the bad girl herself rihanna. I love the way she dresses. She always looks good in what she wears. She dresses different everyday. And rocks what she wears. And of course every girl wants to get that look but lets be honest we all don’t have the money Rihanna has. But everyone can get the look that she has without spending a lot. The second picture is me wearing clothes from forever 21 and rue 21. Yes I did Change it a bit cause i didn’t have everything that she wore in my closest. So i change the shirt,glasses and shoes. Still looks like her look just a little different and i didn’t have to spend much at all. I already had everything that i was wearing. You can find look on Pinterest, Teen Vogue, and a lot more places. You don’t need to spend $100.00 on one outfit. You can get a look from Rihanna or any other celebrate out there. I will have the websites for the clothes on the bottom. Have any questions leave a comment down below. More looks will be posted just like this one but with other celebrates:)


Blue jean shirt,Cap,Muscle Shirt,




Wish List


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