E.L.F Brushes


Elf brushes i have been using for years. They are great on cost to. I have used a lot of the $1 eye shadow brushes. And they really do work. I do makeup on the side and that’s all I use on the clients eyes. Each one of them ask what brushes I use and I tell them I use the elf brushes. A lot of them tell me they don’t try them cause of there price. That they probably don’t work good cause they cost $1 or $3. Until they see there eye makeup that I do on them then they want to go and buy the brushes. Each eye shadow brush I use in different ways. Some are better then others but they get the job done.


The white ones are for $1 and the black ones are for $3. The black ones are the newest ones, that’s why they are couple more dollars more. I have bought three of the new eye shadow brushes and they work okay but I still go back to the $1 ones. They are really good for blending eye shadows. Yes I do have some morphie brushes and some BH cosmetics brushes. They are great brushes to but if you are on a budget and still want a good eye shadow brushes then elf is a good way to go.


The face brushes from ELF are good too. I do have there blush brush and complexion brush. And they are both good brushes. The blend everything so good. They are really nice and soft to. I just pick up a new one a couple of days ago and it is Ultimate blending brush and OMG it’s amazing brush. It’s sooooo soft and blends my bronzer really nice. $6 dollars was the prize of the brush and it worth the price maybe better. ELF is a good brand and if you are looking for good prices elf is a good brand you girls should check out.

I hope this help anyone out there looking for a good brushes and even makeup to for a good price. This is only my opinion about the brand. Everyone has I different feeling towards this brand. Some people don’t like the brushes or the makeup and that’s okay we all have our different opinions. I’m just sharing this with everyone just so they could know how I feel about them and how they work on myself and my clients.

If you have any questions just leave me a comment down below.

Thanks for reading.

Hope everyone has a good and safe night:)



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