Well this page is going to be about ideas i have and i need your guys help! I always wanted to start my own youtube channel. That’s something I’ve been wanting to start one since I started getting into to makeup! And also become a blogger to. Well for videos. Share my life with everyone else. Crazy to say that. What makes my life so interesting to watch. I want to share my life with you guys so you can see my grow. Go through hard times, fun times, and to show people out there that everyone goes through things in life.


I would for you guys to share your story to. Ask me questions and hopefully i can answer every ones. I want to have my makeup and vlog channel in one. But right now i just can’t. Don’t have a camera first off and a good computer too… Which suxs. I’m working on getting those things. So I’ve talk to one of my old good friends. Her name is Sydney she has her own blog and youtube channel. She the one that has showed me to live your dream. She told me that there are going to be people that are going to talk about you and be mean too you. But those are your biggest fans. Cause they do keep up with you and look at your things to. So that’s what i’m scared of. My idea is to START BLOGGING ON SNAPCHAT!


I see all of these makeup blogs that do that. Even people that workout too. Yeah there probably people that are not going to watch my snaps but i want to try it. If you don’t like it then you can take me off my snap. What do you guys think about that??? Its just for now til i get my youtube channel up. I will still be blogging too. I will share some of my snaps on instgram too! Yeah this is a long shot but this is something i’ve been wanting to do… leave a comment down below. It means a lot if you guys let me know you opinion about all of this. And for everyone out there that has a dream go live it! Anything is possible!

Thank you:)